Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions are now creating intriguing environments with smart and useful digital signage solutions. With more and more customers shifting to mobile and internet banking, banks and financial institutions are investing in new and innovative means of making their lobbies and teller-lines more informative, with best-in-class customer experiences in place.

With this in view, and to further the cause of their brand loyalty, top financial institutions are making earnest efforts of informing account holders regarding new opportunities, better loan schemes, investment avenues, etc. – all via the digital way. Here are the best 5 ways in which financial institutions are incorporating digital signage solutions.

Best Digital Signage Solutions that make Clients say “Wow!”

Video Content or Cable Feeds

Motion and video, arguably the most attention grabbing medium of digital marketing, are equipped to run schedules for delivering informative and entertaining content. Banks and financial institutions are operating branded and customized videos, as well as cable television feeds, for reducing customers’ perceived waiting periods significantly.

Location-Based, Digital Signage Branch Marketing

Branches are hiring the services of location-based digital signage providers for offering customized messages to their clients. As information specific to Washington may not carry much value for account holders in NY; these digital sign-based solutions help customers take necessary actions in case something is relevant to them. With the correct signs in place, banks are leveraging the benefits of passing the right localized communication, to a targeted audience, in uniquely tailored ways.

Drive-Up Message Boards

Well-suited for a captive audience that is patiently waiting for tellers to address its account-based requirements, these small monitors are generally installed on the VAT for impactful results. Here, digital signs decrease perceived wait time,increase communication levels, and reinforce that a specific bank location is very customer-centric.

Interactive Kiosks

Going a long way in making waiting areas more customer-friendly as well as informative, these kiosks help customers implement innovative personal financial strategies, get educated with regards to various banking services, and also reduce their perceived wait time – especially during busy bank hours.

ATM Features for Added Benefits

With the digital signal revolution taking over like never before, better software and hardware ATM solutions are giving off prime opportunities for helping customers improve upon their personal financial situation. This conversion opportunity is being picked up by rival financial institutions, which are going in for modern digital features for reaching their target audience.

So, with the digital signage technology making inroads into the financial scene as well, better and more profitable marketing strategies are being implemented for reaping richer benefits.

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